Membership FAQ's


Q – One of our swimmers is also a coach so they pay for their Cat 1 or 2 membership, but the club also pay their Cat 3 membership for them and then they must also pay for their IOS membership…….therefore Swim England are getting 3 payments – is this correct?

A – IOS is the insurance for all coaches and teachers so they do need to have this. They do however only need one membership with Swim England so below would be the options depending on their levels of activity;

If they are a coach and are swimming for fitness/fun they will need IOS and Cat 1. But if they are a coach and swimming to compete then they will need IOS and Cat 2. (And if someone was a coach but not swimming then they would need Cat 3).

A useful way of remembering Swim England Membership categories is as follows;

Cat 1 is for people who get wet but don’t go very fast

Cat 2 is for people who get wet and go fast (e.g. compete)

Cat 3 is for people who stay dry (e.g. volunteers)