Finances/Funding FAQ's


Q – How can we explain to our pool operator the difference in competition levels in order to explain and justify the amount of pool time we require?

A – The first thing to note is that all galas are different and time/length will therefore vary. To give a brief explanation here are the most common two;

4 hour gala

League Competitions - These are primarily team events, between four to six clubs maximum at a time.  Average distance of race from 25m to 100m. Not usually licenced and therefore no times will be recorded on the British Swimming Rankings database.  This means that a swimmer would not be able to enter a County, Regional or National Championship, as these all require you to enter times recorded on the Rankings database.  They are fun and are a good initial introduction for a swimmer to start competing, but have huge limitations to a swimmers progress.

8 to 10 hours of pool time needed

Open Meet/County/Regional - All Open Meets have to be licenced by a Regional/National Licencing board.  They require a large number of officials to attend and Open Meets are run throughout the country by Swimming Clubs.  County Champs, are run by the county and Regional Champs by the Region etc. Without these competitions/galas, swimmers would not be able to compete at all distances on all strokes and therefore their development would not happen.  All times will appear on Rankings, enabling swimmers to enter the first level of domestic competition and hopefully develop their skills and racing ability.

Open Meets are attended by any number of clubs and athletes and provide the level of competition needed for our sport to continue being successful.  Without clubs organising and running these meets, no-one would be able to reach a County Championship qualifying time and so on right through to National and British competition.  Therefore they are extremely important to the sport.

Q– Is there any guidance on the day to day management of finances at a club, including cash flow?

A– We appreciate that managing the day-to-day finances can often seem a daunting or tedious task for your Clubs, however whether they are just starting out or have been running for decades, managing cash flow is essential to ensuring clubs remain sustainable. Sport England have launched a new cash flow demo, which provides an overview of what cash flow is and why it is so important for your club.

In addition to the demo there is also a ‘Get Your Cash Flowing’ online module available or the ‘Understanding Your Club Finances’ workshop as a follow up. These can be accessed similarly through the link above on the Club Matters website once you have registered.