Club Management FAQ's

Club Management

QWhere can I find useful guidance documents on Health & Safety?

AThere is now a documents library on the Swim England website and included in there is an area for Health & Safety. You’ll be able to find guidance on topics such as;

-          Lane management
-       Risk assessments
-       Diving into pools
-       Concussion guidance
-       Swimming teaching whilst pregnant
-       Dry land training
-       Tumble turns
-       Manual handling
-       Hygiene guidance
-       Supervising children in changing room areas
-       Submersion of babies
-       Swimming pools temperatures
-       Use of electrical equipment
-       Water depths and swimming activities

Click here for the direct link you need to access the above and more.

Q – Where can we get some guidance or advice on implementing the Auto-Enrol pension scheme requirement for our club’s employees in time for April 2017?

A – We are currently sourcing some more specific and relevant guidance for sports clubs on this topic, but for now there are a few useful website links below, as well as a Pensions Advice Line which you can call on 0300 123 1047).

GOV.UK - Workplace Pensions

The Pensions Advisory Service

The Pensions Regulator - Employers 

Q Where can I find example policy templates relevant to our club employees including; disciplinary and grievance, sickness and health and safety for example?
A Below are two standard policies on disciplinary and grievance that Swim England have shared and are available to download.

For all other policies we recommend that you take a look at the ACAS Website which is a great resource as all companies across the UK are expected to follow ACAS guidelines.

Q – Our club is thinking of setting up a Twitter account but we’d like some guidance on how to do this and if it is right for our club?

A – There is a new interactive Twitter user guide resource on the Club Matters Website. It includes ‘Pros and Cons’ and a video showing you how to get started.

– We are a SwimMark accredited club, how do we find out our Clubmark ID number?

A – This used to be available on the old Sport England Clubmark page, but that no longer exists. All information on Clubmark now sits within the new Club Matters website. In order to find out your Club’s ID number (which can sometimes be requested when you’re applying for funding or are wanting to use the Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers for example), you’ll need to follow the below steps;
1.     Go to the Club Matters Website and either Register or Log On.
2.     You’ll need to make sure you link yourself to your club/organisation.
3.     Once you’re logged into your profile, go to the ‘My Club’ menu on the top toolbar and go down to ‘Edit My Club’ in the drop down menu.
4.     At the bottom of this page you will find your club’s Clubmark number. Please note if your number isn’t showing here then it is probably because your profile isn’t attached to your Club.