Diane Gamble

Title : Member
Interest : Swimming
Stands Down : 2021
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Diane started in swimming, initially as an Age Group swimmer, fleetingly as a Masters swimmer and latterly as an official for almost 50 years.

She has been an active official within Croydon, Surrey and London for the past 15 years. Diane first became an official in her home County of Derbyshire in 1977, returning to timekeeping and then on to being a Judge, when her children became swimmers with Croydon Amphibians SC. She became a Referee in 2005 and joined the London Region Officials list after Regionalisation. Diane has been involved in training officials within Surrey (London) since 2007, and is an active official for Croydon, London and Surrey Schools and also organises officials for the annual Bath Cup for Independent Senior Schools. Diane was the President of London Swimming 2017-2018.