Disability - Competitions

London Swimming hold our own Disability Championships which is generally held in October, that are inclusive of swimmers who hold a current national or international classification for functional, visually impaired or intellectual disability (S1-S14).

In addition, Swim England run Para-Swimming Regional Championships that provide an opportunity for swimmers with a physical, visual, learning or hearing impairment. These Championships are open to all Nationally and Internationally classified swimmers and swimmers on the functional waiting list or those whose applications are being processed by UKSA/Inas or BBS.

The very best para-swimmers in the country aim to qualify for the Swim England National Championships every summer which has multi-classification races held alongside non-disabled events. These Championships are inclusive of para-swimmers who hold a current classification: swimmers with a physical or visual impairment - national or international (S1-S13); swimmers with an intellectual impairment - Inas or IPC (S14).

Swim England have extensive details on Para Swimming which can be viewed on the Swim England Website here