Water Polo

Water polo is a team water sport. The game is made up of 4 quarters in which the two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into their opponent's goal, the team with the most goals at the end of the game wins the match. A team consists of 6 field players and one goalkeeper in the water at any one time. In addition to this, teams may have substitute field players and one substitute goalkeeper who are not in the water.  Water polo is typically played in a deep pool (usually at least 1.8 m deep), the players require stamina and endurance to play the game. Water polo is a contact sport. Minor fouls occur frequently and exclusion fouls (in which a player is suspended from the game for 20 seconds) are common. Special equipment for water polo includes a water polo ball (which floats on the water), numbered and colored caps, and goals which are attached to the side of the pool. The game consists of swimming (with and without the ball), using a special form of treading water known as the eggbeater kick, throwing, catching, and shooting the ball. All this must be done using a single hand. Water Polo is a competitive team sport which builds great camaraderie with your team mates.

The links on this section of the London Swimming website show that the sport can be played by young and old alike. Water Polo in London is managed by the London Water Polo Committee in line with the region’s strategy.

Details for the committee including membership and terms of reference can be found on the Water Polo Committee Download Page.

See the Water Polo Development Plan for 2018 - 2019 HERE