London International Swim Team 2019

The London Swimming Team that will compete at an international swim meet in 2019 has now been finalised.

The team will compete at the Dave McCullagh International Meet in Bangor, Northern Ireland from 22nd-24th February 2019.

Congratulations to all swimmers and staff that have been selected for the team. Full details of the team are listed below and are also availbale to download.

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London Region International Swim Team 2019


Female                                                                            Male

Megan Barnes (Barnes)                                                Tommy Donovan (Anaconda)

Meghan Byrne (Barnet)                                                 Yaron Gerber (Barnet)

Fleur Lewis (Barnet)                                                      Archie Price (Barnet)

Jasmien Iley (Borough Waltham Forest)                      Alex Rowson (Brompton)

Alesha Kelly (Brompton)                                                Jackson Olin (Camden Swiss)

Emily Surminski (Brompton)                                          Willem Koster (Dulwich)

Ally Larson (Camden Swiss)                                         John Britton (Ealing)

Anna Podurgiel (Camden Swiss)                                  Dillon Chana (Hillingdon)

Phyllida Britton (Ealing)                                                 Taylor Lovelock (Hillingdon)

Lucy Thornton (Ealing)                                                  Pietro Lombardo (Natate West London)

Cara O’Toole (Hillingdon)                                              Jordan McPhail (Natare West London)

Caroline Lewitt (Natare West London)                        Daniel Gencas (Romford Town)

Amy Davies (South Croydon)                                       Edward Hunt (Teddington)


Coaching Team

Head Coach – Allan Thornton (Ealing SC)

Assistant Coaches – John Adye (Hillingdon SC), Bram Montgomery (Brompton SC)

Development Coach – Adam Taylor (Camden SC)

Team Managers

Lead TM – Loraine Cousins

Assistant TM – Jo Wilson

London Region International Swim Team 2019