DBS Updating Service

top tip
The DBS Update Service is a Government register where, for an annual fee of £13 (or free to volunteers), you can keep your DBS check up to date online. The main benefits of the Update Service are:
• It saves you time and money
• You can take the check from role to role
• You may only ever need one check

If you are currently subscribed to the Update Service and wish to have your DBS check added to your Swim England membership record, you will need to fill out a consent form and send it back with your DBS certificate. If you require a consent form, please email the DBS department or call them on 01509 640738.

Club Verifiers – please note that you can only carry out a DBS check on a current member of the club. Please ensure that the applicant is registered on the Online Membership System (OMS) first.