Swimming Officials

Swimming events could not run without the help of volunteers, either “officials” or many other roles.

London Swimming needs many Officials to run its events. If you are interested in helping please drop an email, advising at what level you are qualified, to Kay Grimshaw, our officials organiser. email:-

If you are qualified, but not licensed, if you support our events we will fund your licensing.

If you are not qualified, but wish to help in the many support roles, again please let her know.

Becoming an official allows you to get involved in swimming competitions at a close and personal level, it is much more enjoyable than sitting on a hot balcony. All swimming galas need officials for them to run so it is a very important role.

Typically an official will start work at their local club usually starting as a time keeper form there they can start to become qualified working their way via courses and gala experience from J1, J2, J2S and ultimately on to being a qualified Referee. We can provide advice on the best way to proceed.

London Region Regional Swimming Officials Coordinator (who is the Representative for LR on the Swim England Swimming Officials Group committee- SOG):-  Ralph Shortland
County Coordinator for clubs in Surrey that are affiliated to London Region:-      Diane Gamble
County Coordinator for clubs in Kent that  are affiliated to London Region:-         John Burdett  
County Coordinator for clubs in Essex that are affiliated to London Region:-         Lisa Richards    
County Coordinator for clubs in Middlesex that are affiliated to London Region:- Ralph Shortland  

The Swim England / British Swimming Website is an excellent source of information for Officials and is also the definitive source for the latest information.

The British Swimming website includes information on:

  • Competition Information providing all the British Swimming Protocols and relevant competition information together with application forms for the various National championships.
  • CPD for Officials providing a table of courses . This is useful for licensed officials looking for courses relating to re-licensing.
  • Licensing of Officials providing all the forms and all information in connection with licensing and re-licensing.
  • Officials Qualification and Training providing information on all the courses available as well as contact details of Course Leaders throughout GB.
  • Open Water Official providing details about becoming an official for Open Water events.